The Everlasting Comfort Neck and Back Pillow for Bathtub

Do you practice self care? Adults tend to struggle with finding time to carve out for themselves. We make excuses that we have other high priorities to take care of first. But why do we not make ourselves a top priority? One great way to practice self care is by taking hot baths. While hot baths can be extremely relaxing your tub may be very uncomfortable. Standard porcelain tubs are hard, cold, with blunt edges not designed for proper spinal posture or comfort. What you need is a barrier between your upper body and your tub. This is where bath pillows come in and save the day!

If you are unfamiliar with bath accessories you may be wondering what exactly is a bath pillow? These pillows come in shapes and sizes but they are all designed with the purpose of providing some level of comfort in your tub. Regardless of the shape or size of your bathtub you can enjoy using a bath pillow. Check out the Everlasting Comfort neck and back pillow for bathtub today!

Let’s discuss how a hot bath can help with your mental health. For one, practicing regular self care helps prevent burnout. If you do not know what burnout is it is a result of when you have been overworked, over stressed, and over tired over a period of time. Burnout can affect you physically and emotionally. Most of us have experienced burnout and know just how difficult it can be to get back on track. If you keep going without ever taking a break your body will eventually force you to stop. Your body shuts down. If you push yourself to its limits it has a way of forcing you to stop. This is super common for teens and adults.  A simple self care routine can help revive your body. Keeping up a regular self care routine can even help prevent burnout from happening. Take time for yourself every single day.

If you care for someone who struggles with conditions such as depression and anxiety, self care can keep you calm and help you destress. There have been studies conducted to test if baths can help people who suffer from depression. In a 2019 study it was found that the same pathways in the brain that are used to regulate body temperature are connected with pathways that are involved with depression. It is believed that raising one’s body temperature may cause changes in the brain resulting in an increase of serotonin. The same findings from studies conducted finding that taking a hot bath before bed can help with those suffering from insomnia found similar results to those suffering with depression. Regardless if you suffer from a mental health condition or not, it is important to take care of your emotional health.

Now, let’s discuss how taking hot baths can help with your physical health as well. Another benefit to taking hot baths is it improves heart and respiratory health. You may be surprised to learn that taking a hot bath is the equivalent to a light workout. The heat of the water actually raises your heartbeat just enough that it provides you with a light cardiovascular exercise. What is even more incredible is that the hot water can positively affect lung health! When the hot water increases the body’s heart rate it has an effect on how much oxygen you need. The rise in oxygen levels in your blood can actually help improve lung function. This is especially helpful when you have a cold or are suffering from sinus issues. With improved lung function your body can naturally loosen mucus allowing your body to naturally clear your sinuses. It is truly incredible! Hot baths are a great holistic way of treating colds.

So now you are convinced that taking hot baths is a great way to improve your overall health! Now you may be wondering if a bath pillow is really necessary. I am here to tell you that it is for the ultimate relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home. Do yourself a favor and get the Everlasting Comfort pillow today on Amazon for just $29.95. The Everlasting Comfort bath pillow for your bathtub will take your next bath from good to great instantly upon using it.  The pillow hugs your back, shoulders, neck, and head to reduce further stress and discomfort on your upper body. Everlasting Comfort crafted this bath pillow with an ergonomic design. Back support is extremely important. This pillow allows you to lie back without risk of improper posture. What is great about this design is that the attached headrest cradles your neck gently. While lying like this you should feel tension relief in your neck which is a massive benefit! This bath pillow is made with 100% memory foam. Its material and shape allows you to rest your head and neck gently compared to leaning on the hard edge of your bathtub. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and enjoy a night of relaxation and self care!

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