Who is in Charge of Education in the US?

In the US, the Department of Education has many responsibilities. It is the primary source of funding for public schools. The federal government has a role in the educational system, but the process of education reform is complicated. It can be complicated, and the lack of transparency may make it difficult to make effective decisions. The education system is not a perfect system. In fact, many people disagree about who is responsible for its success. mywikinews

Public education is a state function. The federal government does not run the entire system, but rather provides funding to states. Each state establishes minimum graduation requirements and basic funding for its districts. Local property taxes provide critical resources for schools. Federal government education legislation and court decisions are based on equality of opportunity. Whether a state has these powers depends on its constitution. Some states delegate education authority to state school boards, which are responsible for public education.

The Department of Education is responsible for promoting and implementing education policies. Its share of total education funding is relatively small, but its mission is very important. The Department of Education targets funds to address specific needs, which is consistent with its role in education history. This role developed in part as an emergency response system to help fill gaps in local and state funding. Its mission is to promote student achievement, equal access, and preparation for global competition. slbux

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