What are renewable energy technologies?

Renewable energy, which is clean energy derived from other non-fossil environments such as solar, wind, heat and water, is a clean renewable energy source. can be used with every production process

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For example, the waste parts of plastic production are incinerated for heat energy. then convert the heat energy into electricity. Help reduce energy consumption to generate electricity. It is a type of renewable energy use. It is the use of renewable energy in combination with the main energy in the production process. which contributes to the efficiency of the traditional production process. This will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. and help reduce global warming in another way

It is considered an innovation. Upcycle is the use of waste to bring benefits in one way. Is the conversion of waste to energy through a process called pyrolysis (Pyrolysis), which in addition to plastic, also contains rubber materials. that can be burned and give high energy which will come out as charcoal and oil and can be used for further use as well Considered as turning waste into useful things.

How does COVID-19 affect the development of environmental technology?

In the past covid situation especially during lockdown Some businesses have stopped their production activities altogether, which has a positive effect, which is to reduce the emission of waste to the environment, for example, better air quality because more people work from home, reducing the use of cars on the road.

But on the other hand, the lifestyle has changed. More use of the delivery service Ordering food to take home also creates more waste. Therefore, the use of technology must be considered in terms of waste management rather than air quality or water quality management.

In addition, because more people work at home. The more resources used will be the use of electricity and water in the home. At this point, there must be measures or guidelines that are suitable for a more home-focused lifestyle. It will be another matter to keep in mind.

What are the future environmental technology trends?

Due to the current issue of Climate Change caused by greenhouse gas or carbon emissions that affect global warming. So there is an interesting technology.

Carbon Capture used for carbon capture. by using the gas separation process Then compacted into the deep soil layer for storage.

In addition, the involvement of producers in showing responsibility. Also known as Extend Producer Responsibility or EPR is extending responsibility for producers to be involved in every step. which can look at the goal from 2 sides

  1. On the origin side, the manufacturer changes the production model of the product by using the Eco Design principle.
  2. On the end point, the producers seriously set clear policies and guidelines for waste disposal.

At present there is a foreign policy. which all manufacturers trading with foreign countries must comply with. If they can, they will create a good image for their products. And it is a distinctive feature that will help attract foreign interest to invest. It is considered a further trade advantage.

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