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In August 2018, VIP Music Records launched its Secret Hits platform. The secret hit program brings together the intuition of emerging talents with producers, songwriters, and musicians. The Secret Hits platform consists of a number of different components, including songwriting, video production, and distribution. The Secret Hits team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds, including Leo Schober from Gravity Motion Pictures and D-Teck. To further enhance the artists’ potential, they have tapped the services of DJs and music industry professionals such as Danny Ruan, Ismael Volquez, and other experts.

VIP’s intelligent patch browser integrates sound patches from a range of popular VST virtual instruments and effects. Using the keyboard controller and VIP together, musicians can easily choose and layer a variety of different sounds without needing to learn new controls. With VIP, they can easily find sounds by instrument type, timbre, and style to expand their sonic arsenal. By combining hardware and software, users can create sounds that are uniquely their own.

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