Should Parents Pay For Their Kids Car Insurance?

You may have wondered whether you should pay for your kids’ car insurance, or should you drop them from your policy. After all, your child may want to use your car for holiday trips or other occasions, but without auto insurance, you cannot let them drive it. Therefore, keeping them on your auto insurance policy not only keeps them protected when they drive, but also lets them establish a history of paying for auto insurance.

Before you decide, ask your child about their current school status. Make sure to state that their home address is their primary residence. If your child is attending college, you can keep them on your insurance policy. If your child is a student, make sure to specify the car as the least valuable one. Assigning your child’s car to your insurance policy can also help you lower premiums. Remember to stress safe driving practices with your child, such as not texting or driving under the influence of alcohol. If possible, do not allow your child to use your car to pick up friends.

There are many families with multiple children who drive, and they have different policies. While putting the children on separate policies is often financially sensible, it can be difficult to know when to remove your children from an auto insurance policy. It’s best to have an adult in the house to supervise your child’s driving. As long as both parents have the appropriate insurance coverage, it should be OK to take the kids’ vehicle insurance.

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