Quick Home Decor DIYs

When you want to add some unique, but quick, decor to your home, there are many easy DIYs you can do. One easy project is to make a giant confetti wall decoration. All you need is a circle cutter, colorful cardstock, and some tape. You can choose any pattern you’d like for your confetti. Another quick and easy DIY project is to create a custom coaster. The possibilities are endless!

You can also create a faux stacked log insert to display in your bathroom. This inexpensive DIY idea is a must-have for any bathroom! You can make it using any piece of wood, and you can change the letters to fit your seasonal decor. Or, you can make a hanging string art piece for your wall. These are simple crafts and you can customize them to match your decor. You can also create an antique tabletop by stenciling a piece of wood. A wood burning tool is less than $20, and you can create a stunning display.

Restoring old furniture is another easy way to make a home decor DIY project. Old table and chair are perfect for this. You can also make a desk by transforming a cube storage unit. You can buy these at IKEA or Target. Next, paint a rock to turn it into a beautiful table centerpiece! And, if you don’t have any woodworking skills, you can even involve your children in creating their own furniture!

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