Is Medical Travel Insurance Required to Enter Hong Kong?

To ensure your safety, you should consider taking a quality medical travel insurance policy. While most countries don’t require vaccinations, Hong Kong is an exception. Travelers should take an annual flu vaccination prior to entering the country, especially if they plan to be outdoors in the winter. Although there are no official rules requiring drinking tap water, it is recommended to boil water when in Hong Kong to avoid health risks.

Taking medical travel insurance before you leave home is highly recommended. Hong Kong is a popular travel destination, with great food, culture, nightlife, and more. Fortunately, medical care is excellent. There are two types of healthcare in the city: private and public. Public hospitals are free, but private hospitals are more expensive. Emergency care is also available through the public hospital, which requires payment. There are many English-speaking doctors in Hong Kong, but travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect yourself against the unexpected.

While many countries have health insurance requirements, Hong Kong’s laws may require it. For instance, media workers should avoid areas where protesters are congregating, especially if they’re researching sensitive issues. While public transportation is widely available, streets in Hong Kong can be dangerous. If you’re not careful, you might get arrested or even detained. The Canadian Embassy in Hong Kong can help you in such situations.


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