How to take care of your breasts to make them plump

Because breasts are important organs that help strengthen the confidence of women. No matter what size or shape, it must be properly taken care of. Therefore, we have compiled some good techniques for you to take care of your breasts properly.

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– The brassiere must be suitable for both bust sizes. and body size Buying the best bras should be tried on before you buy. Adjust the strap and hook to the most comfortable position. not too loose And not so tight that the meat will swell or press the meat until red marks. You should also choose to wear underwear made of breathable fabrics. flexible and does not irritate the skin

– Exercise regularly Because exercise not only improves mental health and physical health. but also stimulates the lymphatic system to flow smoothly Exercising with the right posture also strengthens the pectoral muscles. He became even more shaped as well. It’s important to remember to wear a sports bra every time you exercise. Otherwise, the breasts may sag prematurely from too vigorous movement.

– Good food is useful. Eat a complete meal from the 5 food groups. Always eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Avoid drinking alcohol to reduce your risk of breast cancer. And should drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. To help the blood and lymphatic system flow better.

– Maintain proper weight Being overweight not only increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, but in obese women. They are also two times more likely to have breast cancer than women in general.

– Moisturizing regularly Outside maintenance is also important. Don’t neglect the dryness of your décolleté. should apply skin cream or moisturizer regularly and should choose gentle skin care products Because the skin on the chest is delicate, not different from the face ever.

– Regularly survey the appearance and size, women should observe their breasts regularly. whether the size or appearance has changed from the original or not If there are dimples, red rashes, lumps, or hard kidneys around the chest or under the armpit including if there is bleeding from the nipple You should see your doctor for a diagnosis as soon as possible. because the faster it is detected No matter what disease it is, the chances of being cured will increase as well.

– If you want to increase the size, you need to pay attention to choosing a doctor. Because safety is the most important thing in surgery, especially breast augmentation surgery. which is considered a major surgery Anesthesia is required before surgery. Therefore, it must be done in a standard operating room by a specialist doctor only. Any young woman who dreams of trying it once in her life. Should seek information or consult a doctor before deciding to have surgery.

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