Five Steps to Improve the Educational System

The educational debate is complex, and the stakes are high. But there are five important steps that governments and policymakers can take to improve the education system. Overcrowding in school classrooms has many negative consequences, including students dropping out and teachers feeling more stress. In such a situation, school officials need to make more room for teachers, and increase funding to these schools. This will improve the quality of education for students who have more needs than their peers.

First, public performance-based ratings are problematic. They measure performance with standardized tests, which are terrible for students with socioeconomic and learning differences. Furthermore, standardized tests don’t motivate teachers. And if they are used to determine school performance, it can be counterproductive for teachers, as well. Ideally, children and parents should work together to improve the educational system. It is critical to create a more inclusive environment and encourage students to be more open with one another.

The educational system must begin from the bottom up. Instead of trying to understand diverse children and their families and selecting a “One Right Way,” educators should embrace innovation, creativity, and progress. To do this, teachers should experiment with new teaching methods and implement activities that engage students. Taking the time to experiment with teaching styles can improve students’ performance. In addition, teachers can design student-centered classrooms.

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